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About The Will Of The Wisps

Return to the world of Ori and The Blind Forest, in the second journey: The Will Of The Wisps the 2D single player puzzle strategy platform game from Moon Studios.

There's been released again a beautiful cinematic for the game shown during the Xbox session in the E3 conference a glimpse of the return to the beautiful 2D art style, again reminiscent to Studio Ghibli-style characters. The second story with Ori will again put the player into the role of a forest spirit, who has to find out more about his role with the Wisps within the world he’s living in. Ori and The Will Of The Wisps combines deep exploratory gameplay with emotional storytelling. Join Ori to solve the mysteries of the wisps in this adventure.

You'll play as Ori, a white guardian spirit. The story goes that long ago, Ori was adopted by a bear-like creature who raises Ori as its child. However, a malevolent entity, Kuro, appears and takes Ori's mother from him, forcing Ori to explore the forest on his own. Initially, Ori is very weak and can only jump about. but as you progress and during the game, Ori will meet Sein his guardian wisp, who will both guide Ori on his adventure and attack enemies. As the player gains experience, they may choose new Abilities for Ori and Sein, allowing Ori to explore more of the game world.

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